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I’m a Physician and the professional course in culinary medicine has given me the idea that I can enhance my learning in providing nutrition education to my patients.

Eddie Chan, MD
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I adore the information in the course. I’m a Lebanese executive chef working in Saudi Arabia, and as for my position requirements, I have 2 points, and I need assistance with them on the nearest occasion. The course is beneficial and extensive in providing me healthy recipes at a very affordable cost.

Fady Khoury

Saudi Arabia

Being a doctor and a chef and being able to take a course and attend workshops in Culinary medicine has given me new possibilities of being able to protect myself and prevent chronic illnesses, not just for myself but for patients.

Christine Lamonera, MD
Tarlac, Philippines

I am blessed to have found the course online.  I am continually working on the course and I’ve been learning a lot about the fundamentals of culinary medicine that I can integrate in our lifestyle center.

Pamela Benton
Eden Renew Lifestyle Center, Weaverville, CA

I am not a chef, but I like to cook.  With the opportunity given to me to take the culinary medicine course, the world has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I am now able to teach and conduct training in healthy cooking and started having livelihood in serving plant-based meals.  I am very grateful that I found this amazing course.

Merigine Otara
Tagbilaran, Bohol

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