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Download Tekken 3D Prime Edition for PC and Experience the Ultimate Fighting Game

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition - A Portable Version of the Popular Fighting Game

If you are a fan of fighting games, you might have heard of Tekken, one of the most successful and long-running franchises in the genre. Tekken has been adapted to various platforms, from arcades to consoles to handhelds, and has a loyal fan base around the world. One of the latest entries in the series is Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, a fighting game developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the Nintendo 3DS. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, including what it is, how to play it, how to download it for PC, and what are its reviews and ratings.

tekken 3d prime edition download for pc

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What is Tekken 3D: Prime Edition?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition is a fighting game that brings the arcade-style action and backstory of the Tekken video game series into the 3D gaming realm like never before. Exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, the 3DS cartridge contains both the game and the complete Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D movie.

The game is a graphically updated version of Tekken 6 for the Nintendo 3DS, supporting the handheld's 3D capabilities and maintaining a steady 60 FPS even when running in 3D; however, the 3D is disabled during wireless play. It features 41 playable characters from Tekken 6 and a card collecting mode. It also includes local and online multiplayer for up to two players.

The game's development and release history

The game was first announced at E3 2011, where Nintendo revealed that Tekken would be coming to the 3DS handheld. At Namco Bandai Games' booth at E3, they showcased a demo of the Tekken in-game engine running on the 3DS. Producer Katsuhiro Harada stated that the game would run in full 60 frames per second with the 3D on.

On August 17, 2011, a new trailer for Tekken 3D: Prime Edition was released, along with its name. It was also revealed that the game would include over 40 characters, as well as a 3D version of the film Tekken: Blood Vengeance on the game's cartridge. The game also has more than 700 artwork cards to collect, mostly cutscenes from the Blood Vengeance movie that can be shared via the StreetPass function on the 3DS.

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The game was released in North America on February 14, 2012, in Japan on February 16, 2012, in Europe on February 17, 2012, and in Australia on February 23, 2012.

How to Play Tekken 3D: Prime Edition?

The game's modes and gameplay mechanics

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition has several modes to choose from, such as Quick Battle mode, Special Survival mode, Versus Battle mode, Online Battle mode, Practice mode, Gallery mode, Card Collection mode, and Options mode.

Quick Battle Quick Battle mode is where the player can fight against various computer-controlled opponents with different ranks and skills. The player can choose their own character and stage, as well as the difficulty level and the number of rounds. The player can also customize their character's appearance and moves with the cards they have collected.

Special Survival mode is where the player can test their endurance and skills by fighting against a series of opponents with increasing difficulty. The player can only use one character and has a limited amount of health that does not regenerate between matches. The player can earn extra health by performing special moves or finishing moves. The player can also earn extra cards by defeating opponents. The mode ends when the player loses or quits.

Versus Battle mode is where the player can fight against another player using the same 3DS system or using the wireless connection. The player can choose their own character and stage, as well as the rules and settings of the match. The player can also use their cards to customize their character.

Online Battle mode is where the player can fight against other players from around the world using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The player can choose to play in ranked matches or friendly matches, as well as create or join lobbies with up to four players. The player can also view their online profile and statistics, as well as send and receive messages and cards from other players.

Practice mode is where the player can practice their moves and combos with their chosen character against a dummy opponent. The player can adjust the settings of the practice mode, such as the dummy's behavior, the display of inputs, and the frame data. The player can also access a move list and a command list for their character.

Gallery mode is where the player can view various artworks and movies related to Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, such as character illustrations, stage backgrounds, opening movies, ending movies, and trailers. The player can also watch the full-length Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D movie in this mode.

Card Collection mode is where the player can view, manage, and trade their cards with other players. The cards are divided into four categories: Character Cards, Special Cards, Customization Cards, and Movie Cards. The cards have different effects and values depending on their rarity and type. The player can use their cards to enhance their character's abilities, appearance, and moves in other modes. The player can also scan QR codes to obtain new cards or share their own cards with others.

Options mode is where the player can adjust various settings of the game, such as the sound, the display, the controls, and the language. The player can also view their game data and achievements in this mode.

The game's characters and stages

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition features 41 playable characters from Tekken 6, each with their own unique fighting style, moves, and personality. Some of the characters are:



Fighting Style

Jin Kazama


Karate / Mishima Style Fighting Karate

Ling Xiaoyu


Baguazhang / Piguaquan / Hakkesho

Nina Williams


Aikido / Koppojutsu / Sambo / Assassination Arts




King II


Lucha Libre / Professional Wrestling

Lili Rochefort


Street Fighting / Self-Taught Martial Arts

Lars Alexandersson

Sweden / Japan

Military Martial Arts / Shorinji Kempo / Karate / Taekwondo / Aikido / Jujutsu / Muay Thai / Boxing / Pro Wrestling / Krav Maga / Jeet Kune Do / Escrima / Capoeira / Silat / Savate / Sambo / Syste


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