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Helix 1x13 PORTABLE

Rotor is introducing a new 1x13 drivetrain which is interesting for a number of reasons beyond just having an additional gear. First and foremost, it is hydraulically actuated. Rotor has used hydraulic actuation on their Uno road system for the past six years with good success and is bringing it to the mountain bike world. The derailleur also features a clutch mechanism which can be unlocked for easy wheel removal as well as the ability to convert it to 12-speed via a regulation bolt.

Helix 1x13

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Tags: stumptownedit stumptown dex parios cobie smulders cynthia addai robinson stumptown spoilers stumptown 1x13 femslash related stuff dex x violet why was this airing today?? but guys! I am NOT opposed to THIS! stumptown introducing a catwoman kinda character for dex may be the most interesting thing they've actually done I'm still side eyeing them for that business with liz but THIS now she had a ton of chemistry with her and for perhaps the first time that we've seen on the show be into someone in this way all bashful and giddy and I was actually gonna be okay with things even if violet was originally stalking her for her job! but she was genuinely surprised and going to let her go! they laid it all on so strongly some people fight their demons and some embrace them they better not be like these two fit so well together because they're the two sides of the same coin and then kill her off I won't allow it! 041b061a72


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