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This is a complicated one; Jack had just finished his fourth year at University studying Law. His girlfriend of two months had just ditched him, telling him she liked him as a person, but she wasn't sure if he would be part of her future. His girlfriend was Mags, the daughter of May, Jack's mum's best friend. Jack had been attracted to Mags because she was beautiful, tall and had big tits. Also as being a friend of the family was another factor. For nearly the last three years, Jack had an affair with his Class Lecturer; she was a high-powered businessman's neglected wife. She was fifty-five; Jack had loved the sex; she had taught him so much.

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Mags was spoiled, an only child like Jack, her mum gave her everything she wanted. May was an Accountant; she had her own firm and was very successful. Jill, Jack's mum, was a lawyer with her own firm too. Professionally they worked closely together, serving both of their clients. Jack worked at every opportunity for his mum. Every year he was becoming a more significant asset for her. May and Jill were both widowed; their husband had died early from cancer. So Jack was a little surprised when he broke up with Mags, but in no way was he broken-hearted.

They lay on top of the bed, kissing, touching and feeling just like any couple would do in foreplay, but they both could feel that there was no urgency in their actions; they weren't attacking each other; they were pleasuring each other. They were both exploring the other's bodies most intimately with their fingers. As they touched, they both continued to tongue kiss. The touching was letting them get to know the other's body. Though Jack was touching May's massive tits and wet pussy, May concentrated on Jack's huge stiff cock.

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"I love the sensations that your magnificent is giving me, Jack. After our husband's died, Jill and I kept our Kegel Exercises going, we were always hopeful that we would find someone nice, but it didn't happen, but now we're together, then things will change. My Kegel Exercises give powerful cunt muscles. Do you like it very tight?"

May then, as she was riding, May brought her massive left breast to her mouth and started licking her hard nipple. Then she started sucking it as she squeezed and played with her right tit. She did it also erotically; it looked amazing. May was now beginning to pound Jack's cock; she was riding him harder and faster, then she said, "I'm so close, cum for me Jack, let me feel your cock juice squirt on my cervix. The head of your cock is now hitting my cervix; that's how I like it when I'm cuming. I am going to grip you differently on each squirt you shoot inside me. Then you can tell me which one you enjoyed the most."

"Jack, I've never felt anything like that in my life. The pressure of your squirt was fantastic as it hit my cervix, which gave a big thrill. I feel so comfortable, Jack; your cock fits me perfectly; I hope that I've given you a good memory of our first fuck."

"Perhaps the best way forward would be if Jill and I shared you. How do you feel about that? Jill has a huge libido; she loves sex, she needs sex. I know that she would adore your cock. Yes, we can be discreet, but then I'd feel that I'd be letting down your mum. I know that if Jill was in the position that I'm in with you and she had someone like you, she'd want to share him with me. The problem is that you're Jill's son. I know that if Jill found someone like you in real life, then she would be with you. There are many ways we can do this, but I think this is the best way for all of us."

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With my heartiest gratitude, I would like to put on the record this is a grand idea and big vision of our founder President Dr. Rama Vaidya (Editor-in-Chief) and Founder Secretary and past President, Dr. Urvashi P. Jha. Dr. Rashmi Shah is the whole pilot force behind this wonderful take off!

If these articles are well received, our dream and endeavor will be fulfilled. I sincerely wish and pray this journal will be liked by all the multidisciplinary members of IMS, other nonmember clinicians and postgraduates.

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