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Touhou LostWord APK - Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Update

Touhou LostWord APKPure: How to Download and Play

If you are a fan of the Touhou Project franchise, you might have heard of Touhou LostWord, a mobile game that features the cute and colorful characters of the series in a turn-based strategy RPG. But what if you can't find the game on your app store or you want to play it on your PC? Don't worry, there is a solution: APKPure.

What is Touhou LostWord?

Touhou LostWord is a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that is officially licensed by Team Shanghai Alice, the creator of the original Touhou Project games. It is a spin-off from the main series, which belongs to the bullet hell shoot 'em up genre of games. In Touhou LostWord, you can adventure through a multiverse with gods, youkai, vampires, and other supernatural beings, and resolve the Lost Word Incident that threatens the very existence of everything. You can meet hundreds of unique characters from the Touhou universe, as well as some original ones, and use their spell cards to fight in exciting bullet hell battles in a JRPG format. You can also enjoy the game's amazing soundtrack, voice acting, and artwork from renowned artists.

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What is APKPure?

APKPure is a website and an app that allows you to download and install Android apps and games on your device or PC without any region restrictions. It also provides updates for the apps and games you download, as well as reviews, ratings, and recommendations. APKPure is safe, fast, and easy to use.

Why download Touhou LostWord from APKPure?

There are several reasons why you might want to download Touhou LostWord from APKPure instead of your app store. For one thing, APKPure might have the latest version of the game before your app store does, so you can enjoy new features and events sooner. For another thing, APKPure might have access to the game in your country or region when your app store does not, so you can play it without any hassle. Finally, APKPure might allow you to play the game on your PC using an emulator like BlueStacks, so you can experience it on a bigger screen with better graphics and controls.

How to download Touhou LostWord from APKPure

Downloading Touhou LostWord from APKPure is very simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit APKPure website or app

You can either visit [APKPure website](^1^) on your browser or download [APKPure app](^1^) on your device. If you want to play on your PC, you will need to download an emulator like [BlueStacks](^7^) first.

Step 2: Search for Touhou LostWord

On the website or app, type "Touhou LostWord" in the search bar and hit enter. You should see the game's icon and name on the results page.

Step 3: Download and install the APK file

Click on the game's icon or name to go to its page. There you will see a green button that says "Download APK". Click on it and wait for the file to be downloaded. Once it is done, open the file and follow the instructions to install it on your device or emulator. You might need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device settings.

Step 4: Launch the game and enjoy

After the installation is complete, you can launch the game from your app drawer or home screen. You will need to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, and then you can start playing. You can also link your game account to your email or social media for data backup and recovery.

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Features of Touhou LostWord

Touhou LostWord is a game that offers a lot of fun and exciting features for fans of the Touhou Project and RPG lovers alike. Here are some of them:

Story and characters

The game has an original story that is based on the Touhou Project lore, but with some twists and surprises. You will encounter familiar faces from the series, such as Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Remilia Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Youmu Konpaku, and many more, as well as some new ones, such as Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn. You will also be able to interact with them through dialogue choices and events, and learn more about their personalities and backgrounds.

Game system and combat

The game has a turn-based combat system that is inspired by the bullet hell mechanics of the original games. You can use spell cards to unleash powerful attacks, dodge enemy bullets, and activate special effects. You can also customize your friends' skills, equipment, and formations to suit your strategy. The game also has a variety of modes, such as story mode, challenge mode, raid mode, and PvP mode, where you can test your skills and earn rewards.

Scarlet Devil Tower and Music Video Project

The game has two unique features that add more depth and fun to the gameplay. The Scarlet Devil Tower is a tower that you can climb with your friends, facing different enemies and bosses on each floor. The higher you go, the harder it gets, but the rewards are also better. The Music Video Project is a feature that allows you to create your own music videos using the game's characters, music, backgrounds, and effects. You can also watch other players' creations and vote for your favorites.

Voice actors and illustrators

The game has an impressive cast of voice actors and illustrators that bring the characters to life. The voice actors include famous names such as Ayane Sakura, Rie Kugimiya, Aoi Yuuki, Yui Horie, Kana Hanazawa, Miyuki Sawashiro, and many more. The illustrators include renowned artists such as ZUN (the creator of Touhou Project), Fuzichoco, Rui Tomono, Akira Banpai, Nardack, and many more.

Tips and tricks for Touhou LostWord

If you want to get the most out of Touhou LostWord, here are some tips and tricks that might help you:

Reroll for the best characters

When you start the game, you will get a chance to summon 10 friends for free. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can reroll by deleting your data and starting over. This way, you can try to get some of the best characters in the game, such as Reimu Hakurei (Summer), Marisa Kirisame (Summer), Sakuya Izayoi (Summer), Remilia Scarlet (Halloween), or Yukari Yakumo (Halloween).

Progress through the main story

The main story is the best way to learn about the game's plot and mechanics, as well as to unlock new features and modes. You will also get a lot of free resources, such as crystals, coins, tickets, materials, and friends. The main story is divided into chapters and stages, each with different difficulty levels and objectives. You can replay any stage you have cleared to get more rewards or improve your score.

Assemble a balanced team

Your team consists of up to six friends: three in the front line and three in the back line. Each friend has a type (paper, rock, or scissors), a role (attacker, defender, or supporter), and a rarity (from one to five stars). You should try to balance your team according to these factors, as well as their skills and synergies. For example, you can use a paper-type attacker to counter a rock-type enemy, or a supporter to buff your allies or debuff your foes. You can also switch your front line and back line friends during battle to adapt to different situations.

Enhance and upgrade friends sparingly

Your friends can be enhanced and upgraded to increase their stats and abilities. However, this requires a lot of resources, such as coins, materials, and duplicates. Therefore, you should be careful not to waste them on friends that you don't use or need. You should focus on enhancing and upgrading your main team first, and then work on other friends that might be useful for specific modes or events. You can also use the auto-enhance feature to save time and effort.

Take on daily and event quests

Daily and event quests are a great way to earn more resources and rewards, such as crystals, coins, tickets, materials


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