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Wolf Team: The FPS Game Where You Can Choose Your Side and Your Form

Wolf Team: A Game Where You Can Be a Human or a Wolf

Are you looking for a game that offers more than just shooting and killing? Do you want to experience the thrill of being a powerful and agile wolf, or the challenge of facing one? If you answered yes, then you should check out Wolf Team, a free-to-play online FPS game that lets you switch between human and wolf forms in the middle of the battle.

wolf team


What is Wolf Team?

Wolf Team is a game developed by Neosonyx Co., Ltd and published by Softnyx, the same company behind popular games like Rakion and Operation7. It was released in 2022 and has since attracted millions of players from all over the world. Wolf Team is a game where you can enjoy a variety of team formations and battlefield situations that change from moment to moment, such as humans and wolves, wolves and wolves, through the keyword werewolves, beyond human-to-human battles. You can choose to play as a human or a wolf, or switch between them at any time during the match. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you have to use them wisely to gain the upper hand over your enemies.

Why should you play Wolf Team?

Wolf Team is not your typical FPS game. It offers a unique gameplay experience that combines shooting, melee combat, stealth, teamwork, and strategy. You can enjoy different modes and maps, customize your weapons and characters, join clans and tournaments, and chat with other players. Wolf Team is also easy to download and play, as it does not require a high-end PC or a subscription fee. All you need is an internet connection and a free account on Softnyx's website. If you are looking for a game that is fun, fast-paced, and exciting, then Wolf Team is the game for you.

Features of Wolf Team

Wolf Transformation

The most distinctive feature of Wolf Team is the ability to transform into a wolf at any time during the match. You can do this by pressing the F key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the wolf icon on your screen. When you transform into a wolf, you gain access to new abilities and skills that can help you in different situations.

Benefits of being a wolf

As a wolf, you can:

  • Jump higher and run faster than humans

  • Climb walls and ceilings to reach hidden places

  • Use your claws and teeth to slash and bite your enemies

  • Use your senses to detect nearby enemies and items

  • Use special attacks that vary depending on the type of wolf

However, being a wolf also has some drawbacks. You cannot:

  • Use any weapons or items

  • Heal yourself or your teammates

  • Crouch or lie down to hide

  • Aim precisely at long distances

  • Communicate with your teammates using voice chat

Types of wolves

There are several types of wolves in Wolf Team, each with its own appearance, stats, and abilities. You can unlock more types of wolves as you level up your account. Here are some examples of the types of wolves in Wolf Team:

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Basic WolfThe most common type of wolf. It has balanced stats and can perform well in any situation.Dash: Charge forward at high speed and knock down enemies.

Power WolfA type of wolf that has high strength and defense. It can deal more damage and withstand more hits than other wolves.Power Claw: Slash enemies with a powerful claw that can penetrate armor.

Ghost WolfA type of wolf that has high speed and stealth. It can move faster and quieter than other wolves.Invisibility: Become invisible for a short time and surprise your enemies.

Smart WolfA type of wolf that has high intelligence and agility. It can use its skills more frequently and dodge more easily than other wolves.Teleport: Teleport to a nearby location and escape from danger.

Guardian WolfA type of wolf that has high health and support. It can heal itself and its teammates and protect them from harm.Healing Howl: Heal yourself and your nearby teammates with a howl.

Berserker WolfA type of wolf that has high attack and rage. It can unleash devastating attacks that can kill enemies in one hit.Berserk Mode: Enter a state of frenzy that increases your attack and speed, but lowers your defense.

Weapon System

As a human, you can use various weapons and items to fight against your enemies. You can equip up to four weapons at a time, and switch between them by pressing the number keys on your keyboard. You can also buy more weapons and items from the shop using the gold or cash you earn from playing the game.

How to change weapons

To change your weapons, you have to access the inventory screen by pressing the I key on your keyboard, or by clicking on the inventory icon on your screen. There, you can see all the weapons and items you own, and drag them to the slots you want to use. You can also sell or repair your weapons, or buy new ones from the shop. You can only change your weapons before or after a match, not during one.

Types of weapons

There are several types of weapons in Wolf Team, each with its own characteristics and functions. You can choose the weapons that suit your play style and preferences. Here are some examples of the types of weapons in Wolf Team:


RifleA weapon that fires bullets at a fast rate. It is good for medium to long range combat, but has low accuracy when moving or firing continuously.

Sniper RifleA weapon that fires bullets with high accuracy and damage. It is good for long range combat, but has low fire rate and mobility.

ShotgunA weapon that fires pellets that spread out over a wide area. It is good for close range combat, but has low range and accuracy.

PistolA weapon that fires bullets with moderate damage and accuracy. It is good for backup or emergency situations, but has low fire rate and capacity.

GrenadeA weapon that explodes after a short time or when it hits an enemy. It is good for dealing damage to multiple enemies or destroying obstacles, but has limited supply and can harm yourself or your teammates.

KnifeA weapon that stabs enemies with a sharp blade. It is good for stealth or melee combat, but has very low range and requires close contact.

Characters and Factions

In Wolf Team, you can choose from different characters and factions to play as. Each character has its own appearance, voice, and background story. Each faction has its own objectives, allies, and enemies. You can customize your character's appearance by buying clothes, accessories, tattoos, etc. from the shop.

Special Forces

The Special Forces are a group of elite soldiers who work for the Anti-Terrorist Coalition (ATC), an international organization that fights against terrorism and crime. They are equipped with advanced weapons and technology, and have undergone rigorous training and selection. They are loyal, disciplined, and professional. Some of the characters in this faction are:

  • Roy: A former US Navy SEAL who joined the ATC after his family was killed by terrorists.

ecial Forces operative who joined the ATC after her partner was betrayed by a corrupt officer.

  • Max: A former German GSG9 member who joined the ATC after his team was wiped out by a terrorist attack.


The Terrorists are a group of rebels who work for the Wolf Conquest (WC), a secret organization that seeks to overthrow the world order and create a new one ruled by wolves. They are equipped with stolen or improvised weapons and explosives, and have undergone genetic experiments that gave them the ability to transform into wolves. They are ruthless, chaotic, and fanatical. Some of the characters in this faction are:

  • Kara: A former Korean hacker who joined the WC after she was kidnapped and experimented on by them.

  • Biggs: A former British mercenary who joined the WC after he was betrayed and left for dead by his employer.

  • Ryu: A former Japanese yakuza who joined the WC after he was framed and hunted by his own clan.


Summary of the main points

Wolf Team is a game where you can be a human or a wolf, an


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