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Discover Zubi - Sugar, the Track That Mixes Deep House and African Vibes

Zubi Sugar Boxca: A Viral Song with a Catchy Beat and Meaningful Lyrics

If you are a fan of deep house music, you might have heard of a song called Zubi Sugar Boxca. This song has been making waves on the internet, especially on YouTube, where it has amassed over 1.9 million views as of June 2021. But what is Zubi Sugar Boxca, and why is it so popular? In this article, we will explore the background, lyrics, and popularity of this viral song.

What is Zubi Sugar Boxca?

Zubi Sugar Boxca is a song by Zubi, featuring Anatu and Dojang. It was released in 2019 by Reveral Music, an independent record label based in Romania. The song is a deep house track with a tropical vibe and a catchy chorus. The title of the song is derived from the phrase "freemela don't call me sugar", which is repeated throughout the song.

zubi sugar boxca

Who is Zubi?

Zubi is a Romanian producer and DJ who specializes in deep house and tropical house music. He started his musical career in 2016 and has since released several singles and remixes. Some of his most popular songs include "Sugar", "Feel U", and "With You". He is also known for collaborating with other artists, such as Anatu, Dojang, and Misha Miller.

Who is Anatu?

Anatu is a singer and songwriter from California, USA. She has a distinctive voice that blends soul, R&B, and pop influences. She started singing at a young age and has been writing her own songs since she was 15. She has worked with various producers and musicians, such as Zubi, Dojang, Kina, and Mounika. Some of her most popular songs include "Sugar", "Bleach", and "Pink Elephants".

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Who is Dojang?

Dojang is a producer and DJ from South Korea. He creates music that combines elements of deep house, chillout, and lo-fi genres. He has been making music since 2017 and has released several singles and EPs. Some of his most popular songs include "Sugar", "Shine", and "Moonlight". He is also known for collaborating with other artists, such as Zubi, Anatu, and Lofi Fruits Music.

What are the lyrics of Zubi Sugar Boxca?

The lyrics of Zubi Sugar Boxca are written by Anatu and sung by her and Zubi. The song tells the story of a relationship that is based on materialism and deception. The singer expresses his frustration and disappointment with his partner, who only cares about money and fame. He warns her not to call him sugar or touch the fire, because he knows she will leave him when he has nothing left.

The meaning of the chorus

The chorus of the song goes like this:

Freemela don't call me sugar

Don't touch the fire

Don't give me drama

My best friend lover

When no money

She don't give honey

She wan leave daddy

Big daddy

The word "freemela" is a slang term that means "free me" or "leave me alone". The singer uses it to reject his partner's fake affection and sweet talk. He tells her not to call him sugar or touch the fire He also tells her not to give him drama or pretend to be his best friend and lover, because he knows she is only with him for his money. He predicts that she will abandon him when he has no money left, and calls himself "big daddy" sarcastically.

The meaning of the verses

The first verse of the song goes like this:

She don't want me

She want my money

She don't love me

She love my fame

She don't need me

She need my honey

She don't see me

She see my game

The singer repeats the same structure of "she don't" and "she" to emphasize the contrast between what his partner says and what she really wants. He accuses her of not wanting, loving, needing, or seeing him as a person, but only as a source of money, fame, honey, and game. The word "honey" could mean either sweetness or sex, while the word "game" could mean either skill or deception.

The second verse of the song goes like this:

She say she love me

But she lie to me

She say she need me

But she use me

She say she want me

But she play with me

She say she see me

But she blind to me

The singer reverses the structure of "she don't" and "she" to show how his partner lies to him and manipulates him. He exposes her false declarations of love, need, want, and sight, and reveals how she lies, uses, plays, and blinds him. He expresses his pain and anger at being betrayed and fooled by her.

Why is Zubi Sugar Boxca so popular?

Zubi Sugar Boxca is a song that has gained a lot of popularity and attention on the internet, especially on YouTube. There are several reasons why this song is so appealing to many listeners.

The appeal of the music genre

The song belongs to the genre of deep house, which is a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s. Deep house is characterized by a slower tempo, a smooth and soulful sound, and a prominent use of bass and percussion. Deep house is a popular genre among many music lovers, especially those who enjoy dancing and relaxing to the music. The song also has a tropical house influence, which is a subgenre of deep house that incorporates elements of tropical music, such as steel drums, marimbas, and flutes. Tropical house is a genre that evokes a feeling of summer, warmth, and happiness.

The influence of social media

The song also owes its popularity to the power of social media, especially YouTube. The song was uploaded on YouTube by Reveral Music on November 29, 2019. Since then, it has received over 1.9 million views, 56 thousand likes, and 1.4 thousand comments. The song has also been featured on various YouTube playlists, channels, and compilations, such as Deep House Nation, ChillYourMind, and Summer Mix 2020. The song has also been shared on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, where it has gained more exposure and fans.

The relatability of the message

Another reason why the song is so popular is because of its message and lyrics. The song tells a story that many people can relate to: being in a relationship that is based on lies and materialism. The song expresses the emotions and thoughts of someone who is fed up with their partner's dishonesty and greed. The song also warns others not to fall for the same trap and to be careful of who they trust. The song resonates with many listeners who have experienced or witnessed similar situations in their own lives.

How to listen to Zubi Sugar Boxca?

If you are interested in listening to Zubi Sugar Boxca, there are several ways you can do so. Here are some of the options:

The official YouTube video

The easiest way to listen to the song is to watch the official YouTube video uploaded by Reveral Music. You can find the video by searching for "Zubi Sugar Boxca" on YouTube or by clicking on this link: [Zubi - Sugar (feat. Anatu) (Official Video)]. The video features Zubi, Anatu, and Dojang performing the song in various locations, such as a beach, a forest, and a city. The video also has subtitles that show the lyrics of the song in English.

The YouTube Music platform

Another way to listen to the song is to use the YouTube Music platform, which is a music streaming service that allows you to access millions of songs and videos. You can find the song by searching for "Zubi Sugar Boxca" on YouTube Music or by clicking on this link: [Zubi - Sugar (feat. Anatu)]. You can also add the song to your library, playlist, or mixtape on YouTube Music.

Other streaming services

Besides YouTube and YouTube Music, you can also listen to the song on other streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and SoundCloud. You can find the song by searching for "Zubi Sugar Boxca" or "Zubi Sugar" on these platforms or by clicking on these links:

  • [Spotify]

  • [Apple Music]

  • [Deezer]

  • [Amazon Music]

  • [SoundCloud]

You can also download or purchase the song from these platforms if you want to support the artists.


Zubi Sugar Boxca is a viral song that has captivated many listeners with its catchy beat and meaningful lyrics. The song is a collaboration between Zubi, Anatu, and Dojang, who are talented artists in the deep house and tropical house genres. The song tells a story of a relationship that is based on mate


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