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Remember Stompin' The Yard Family Reunion : Sea... \/\/FREE\\\\

While Rebecca began the process of crossing over in her mind's eye, her family was gathered in sad reality at the family mecca, saying their final goodbyes, but also hinting at new beginnings. (See: Deja's stomach and revelation to Randall.) The last, frantic arrival was Kate (Chrissy Metz), who flew back from London as fast as she could and ran to her mother's beside so the Big Three could be there for her last breaths. And as Rebecca reached her final destination in the caboose (a word she couldn't quite remember in the season premiere), she spotted a younger version of Kate. It was time. After William helped her to reconsider the sadness of endings, she climbed into the bed and turned over to see a special person who had already journeyed to the afterlife many decades prior: husband Jack (Milo Ventimiglia). They exchanged two words: "Hey" and "Hey." They were enough. They were everything.

Remember Stompin' the Yard Family Reunion : Sea...

I'll never forget an older cousin's recitation from memory of this poem during a family reunion. Many beloved family members have since died, and I feel what my cousin then felt as he shared these words. While warm memories comfort, I still miss the presence of loved ones.

Upon remembering his true identity as Prince Charming, David is happily reunited with several of his friends, including Granny, Ruby, Mother Superior and the seven dwarves. Both he and Mary Margaret are elated to finally remember Emma as their daughter, but shortly after, they decide to question Mr. Gold about the purple smoke in Storybrooke. On the way there, Emma awkwardly asks her parents to give her space since she needs time to adjust to their new family circumstances. When Archie runs up explaining that Dr. Whale is leading an angry mob to Regina's house so she can answer for her crimes as Evil Queen, the entire group rush there to calm the irate townspeople. Emma and her parents place Regina in a jail cell for protection, before confronting Mr. Gold about the purple smoke. When Mr. Gold admits releasing a Wraith to destroy Regina, the trio feud off the creature temporarily. As a more permanent solution, Regina attempts to use a magic hat to send the Wraith to another realm. The hat, triggered by Emma's magic, sucks in not only the Wraith, but her as well. David then watches in horror as Mary Margaret jumps in after her. He tries to follow his family in, but the vortex closes. Upon questioning Regina about where they were sent, Regina feigns ignorance, eventually using magic to strangle David. She releases her grip after seeing Henry walk in, to which she tells him about what happened to Emma and Mary Margaret. Seeing Henry blame Regina for losing them, David decides to take him into his custody for now. ("Broken")

While David helps to look for the storybook, which contains information about Hades' weakness, Henry reveals it is in the Sorcerer's mansion, but they need a key that James has. Intent on giving James hell for kissing her, Snow heads off to the sheriff's station, with David following after learning what his brother did to her. With James nowhere in sight, she opens the upper right drawer, noting that he also keeps all his stuff in the same place as David. David grumbles at her comparison, wondering if she thinks the both of them kiss the same too, but before she can answer, he decides he doesn't want to know. Hearing Cruella calling for James, David sends Snow out of the office with the key, while he pretends to be his brother in Cruella's presence. Cruella plays along, despite knowing he's not James, by showering him with kisses and flirting with him. David casually fights off her advances, telling her he has an early patrol tomorrow, but she continues to try and seduce him, even suggesting they spice things up with handcuffs. Having enough of her games, he comes clean by expressing disgust at her actions. She admits he doesn't have James' "delicious damage", which David is responsible for, having been the son that their mother kept instead of James. David gets upset over being blamed for something out of his control, to which Cruella quips that his temper is more like James than he knows, and the day they meet will be one hell of a reunion. Returning to his allies, David joins them in looking through the storybook, though Hades' story has already been destroyed by Liam. He believes Henry might know more about the book than anyone else, but since Henry is in a bad mood, he goes to talk some sense into his grandson. David tells him about James, who wanted a loving mother rather than being a prince, and he uses this story to remind Henry to not take his family for granted, and that they are here if he needs them. Accepting this advice, Henry reveals he found the Author's quill in the mansion, and he intends to re-record Hades' story in the book. ("The Brothers Jones")

When the Black Fairy's death causes the Dark Curse to be broken, David and those who are previously banished to the Enchanted Forest are returned to Storybrooke. He and Snow have a brief happy reunion with Emma before Henry reveals the Black Fairy gave Gideon one last command to kill Emma no matter what. Since either Emma killing Gideon or Gideon killing Emma will result in light magic being snuffed out, Regina persuades Emma into holding out hope that there is a third way to win the final battle. Gideon teleports in and grabs Snow as his hostage, but lets her go after Emma demands it. David tugs his wife away and then the both of them stand back to watch Emma battle Gideon. In reaction to Emma purposely dropping her sword, Hook lunges forward to stop her from surrendering to Gideon but a terse David blocks him from interfering. David witnesses Emma being stabbed by Gideon, who is engulfed by an intense light protruding from Emma's wound. With Gideon defeated, David and his family rush to Emma's still body, with Henry using the power of true love's kiss to revive Emma. In the aftermath, Snow encourages her loved ones to look toward future adventures now that this one has concluded and she reminds them that being happy doesn't come from an ending but from being together. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

In addition to running the restaurant, prepare the food for the family reunion! Family members will come out of the Family Restaurant throughout the day, asking for specific menu items. When this happens, prepare the item requested, then take it to the family member. You will need to do this 8 times before the end of the day in order to complete your objective.

We lived immediately next door to the Caruso's, 81 Blauvelt Rd. The Smiths were on the other side to us next door. Fred seemed much older than my brothers and me but I remember him. He used to trap for muskrats down at Nauraushaun Brook which ran behind our homes. Mr Caruso worked at Lederle third shift so he slept during the days. My parents kept telling us to play in the yard quietly because Mr. Caruso slept during the day. If your mother was Fred's sister, then she must be Phyllis who on occasion baby sat my brothers and me back in the 1960s.

Does anyone from the Highview Avenue area remember sledding in the Schmidt's back yard in the '70s? Every winter, kids from all around the area would walk to the Schmidt's house and spend all day sledding down the giant hill that was their back yard. Like most of the kids, I never met anyone from the Schmidt family, but looking back now I can imagine that they probably enjoyed watching a bunch of kids sledding in their back yard as they sipped their morning coffee on those cold winter mornings.

My grandfather, Angelo Farsetta, used to own the shoe repair shop (the original one) next to Charlies Meat Market. For many years it was the Flower Peddler and recently closed. My grandfather, and his helper Mike, were older gentlemen who both spoke broken English. They did all sorts of shoe repair work. Neither were devout Christians nor did either try and convert anyone to Christianity. Neither walked with a limp, so I am unsure where either characteristic came from. Nevertheless, the original shop was there for many years. Originally, my grandfather worked for St. Dominick's home, also as a shoemaker for the children and nuns. I remember the barber shop and Perrino's had a deli/convenience/candy store on the corner of the building. The Perrino family moved the deli to West Nyack a few years later when they opened Elmwood Market. I believe the Boggiano's also owned the building which housed his store.

My family live in Nanuet on Pacific Avenue from 1962-1972 when we moved to the Washington D.C. area for my fathers work. My family have kept in touch with two longtime Nanuet friends to this day. I was wondering if anyone in the group would remember Mary Eberling of Pacific Avenue who lived with her mother Joan, brother John and Aunt Betty for a while before moving to another Nanuet location. Our family also kept in touch with Bob & Cookie Lyle, Mr. Shawstack, Mrs. Grushkin of Pacific Avenue. And behind us Bill Sarmiento and the Slater Family especially to remain friends to this day along with the Rooney family in the area. My memories of Nanuet were up till age 7. I remember attending Highview school, having very nice teachers, air raid (bomb) practices in the hallways, the playground across the street.

My wife and I have lived in Hewitt NJ for 18 years now on Greenwood Lake. I found this site some time ago and reminisced about what it was like back in the 60s when I was growing up. I was born in Nyack Hospital in April 1955, and my recollection of Nanuet in those days is very sketchy. My family lived on Blauvelt Rd. across the street from Lauren Court. Our driveway was on Elks Drive behind our house, and the old rail spur that ran to Camp Shanks ran practically through my backyard.

While searching the Internet for information about a restaurant my family had gone to when I was a kid, I found Lee J. Lloyd's question on the same place posted here in October 2013. I now live in Bergen County, and a week ago I went up to New City, where I remembered Jerry Carnegie's had been. I knew it wasn't still there, but hoped that some landmark, like the church visible in the postcard image would give me a clue, but to no avail. I contacted members of the Historical Society of Rockland County, and they knew the answer. Jerry Carnegie's had been at the SW corner of Congers Road and American Legion Way where a modern building housing attorneys Neimark and Neimark now is located. The church I had looked for was St. Augustine's Catholic Church which is now the County Animal Hospital. I also remembered the aviation memorabilia in the restaurant, and found a reference on the Internet that Jerry had been a pilot during WWI. The Historical Society people also mentioned that after Jerry's passing, the restaurant had been renamed Ye Olde Tavern, and later Adie's, before it burned down. 041b061a72


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