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Preparing Food

Learn Basic Culinary Medicine 

Learn how to cook healthy and easy to prepare food with the right techniques and at your own pace.

Basic Culinary Medicine Course

Consider transitioning to plant-based diet to boost immune system, prevent, arrest and assist reversal of chronic disease. 

Why Do You Need This Cooking Course?

Health care is never without a cost and it is consistently rated as an important concern among each household. Many families are currently facing a double burden of disease amid the ongoing Pandemic where chronic noncommunicable diseases have still emerged as the highest risk factor for developing fatality. Chronic disease are largely affecting the supposed bread winners hence draining the household budget.

The objective of this class is to educate people about the powerful influence that food has on health and disease. The goal is to establish skills in preparing meals with nutritional benefits and develop the habit of being a smart consumer. Someone who would always consider “What follows after every Swallow?”  Culinary medicine is purely evidence-based course that should be taken by anyone who has the risk of developing chronic disease where the cause is mostly within the control of our lips.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

This online class will provide you a healthy cooking experience and basic culinary skills alongside with health education. You can easily get started using your computer or smartphone at your own pace.

This cooking course will also show you how plant-based meals can help you jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle specifically designed for patients struggling with chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and cancer.

Green Goodness


“My life is back because of Culinary Medicine. I can walk alone and take care of myself again without help. My medications were cut to more than half after 30 days in the program. It’s never too late to bring your health back.” 

CP Robles


This could be cheaper than any medical visits you had or a single meal you get from your favorite restaurant. Our goal is to help you take control of your health by increasing your self-health care literacy so you can effectively work with your health care providers and lifestyle medicine coaches.

It's FREE!
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