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Culinary Medicine Certification

Lifestyle related disease is the leading cause of death worldwide affecting both young and old.

Many people are dying prematurely and unnecessarily due to faulty lifestyle.

Culinary Medicine Courses


Free course

Free Plant-based Cooking
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Basic Plant-based Cooking Certification
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Calorie Count


Culinary Medicine Certification
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Preparing Healthy Food

Lifestyle Redo Program

This 8-week program is composed of evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interventions designed to PREVENT, ARREST and even REVERSE some chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Obesity, Cancer, Kidney and Liver Disease, Anxiety and Depression.

Course Professor

Dr. Mechelle Acero Palma, MD, MMHA, PhD, DIBLM, FACLM

  • Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

  • Culinary Medicine Specialist & Chef

  • Family & Community Medicine Physician

  • Diplomate of International Board of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Founder of CulinaryMD Asia

  • President of Remnant Institute Inc.

  • President of Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine

Accredited By

Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine (PCLM) 

PCLM is the first Medical Specialty Society in Asia for health care professionals who utilize lifestyle interventions as the primary therapeutic tool in the treatment and management of disease.

The PCLM serves its members by advancing the filed of lifestyle medicine, promoting excellence in clinical and advocating on behalf of medical and public policy issues related to the practice and promotion of lifestyle medicine.

Philippine Board of Lifestyle Medicine (PSBLM)


PSBLM is composed of active PCLM diplomates and fellows in both clinical practice and in the academe. PSBLM is duly appointed by the PCLM National Board & Officials to set and maintain standards for assessment and credentialing through the conduct of certifying examinations for Physicians, allied health professionals and other practitioners.

Certification given by the Board signifies specialized knowledge in the practice of lifestyle medicine and other related modalities.

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