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Doctor and Patient

Dr. Mechelle Palma

  • Diplomate, International Board of Lifestyle Medicine Fellow, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Education Director, Asian College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • President, Remnant Institute Inc.

Hi, I am Dr. Mechelle Acero Palma, a Family Medicine Physician and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner.

My professional credentials in the culinary field are:

  • Harvard School of Medicine (Certified Chef Coach) 

  • Goldring School of Culinary Medicine, under Tulane University (Certified Culinary Medicine Practitioner)

  • Natural Gourmet Institute

  • Rouxbe Cooking School


Having a passion for utilizing cooking to encourage healthy eating habits on my patients, I developed the first training design and curriculum on Culinary Medicine in Asia that was launched in 2016 and is now utilized in many different educational platforms. ​

I developed the Doctor’s Teaching Kitchen to provide a conducive venue for Nutrition Coaching and Culinary Medicine Skills development.

vegetable, mushroom, cooking, culinary medicine

Culinary Skills

Skills in food preparation, preservation and processing customized to maximize absorption of needed nutrients and other beneficial food elements.

Clinical Nutrition Education and Culinary Skills are blended to address the global crisis on Noncommunicable diseases.

Encouraging home-based cooking rather than eating out.

Nutrition Coaching

Identifying the cause of disease from food sources and identifying the remedy using food as well.

Utilizing stage-based behavioral interventions to improve food preferences for targeted health outcome.

cooking, vegetables, culinary medicine
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