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Culinary Medicine

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What Follows After The Swallows?

Do you know what is the content of the food product that you buy? Do you read food labels?

Perhaps not. And I do not blame you. Very few are interested in carefully reading food labels, ingredients used and the nutritional descriptions before buying them; but guess what, every food product that you buy will end up in your family’s dining table, sooner than later.

Wouldn’t you want to know what is the content of food your child is eating?

There is a need for individuals to understand how food is processed and where everything goes after every swallow; knowledge on digestion, absorption, elimination and some biochemical processes in the body. After all, eating is the most enjoyable necessity that everyone has and everyone does.


Meet Dr. Mechelle Palma


Dr. Mechelle Acero Palma is a Family Medicine Physician and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner. 

Having a passion for utilizing cooking to encourage healthy eating habits on her patients, she developed the first training design and curriculum on Culinary Medicine in Asia that was launched in 2016 and is now utilized in many different educational platform.


Food is life. As much as it helps one live, it can also be the cause of disease and even death.  Most of the major lifestyle-related diseases - cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes - is due to unhealthy lifestyle, including unhealthy eating.

So, imagine...instead of taking a synthetic drug, you are given a prescription of a healthy diet when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure! Instead of the Doctor giving you advice on whether to take the medicine on an empty stomach, he is giving you advice on what to put in your shopping bag when you shop for food!

That is revolutionary. And there is a term for that, CULINARY MEDICINE. The concept of food being your medicine.

Culinary Medicine is a new, evidence-based field that blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine. To put simply, it is the art of cooking for health; a practical approach of preparing, cooking and creating the best quality of food for one’s medical condition.

Join our courses

There seem to be a need for individuals to understand how food is processed and where does everything goes after every swallows.

This course is open for medical practitioners, allied health professionals, chef, and anyone who has chronic disease that can be addressed by lifestyle modification.

Preparing Food
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"I am blessed to have found the course online. I am continually working on the course and I’ve been learning a lot about the fundamentals of culinary medicine that I can integrate in our lifestyle center.”

Pamela Benton, Eden Renew Lifestyle Center, Weaverville, CA

Nutrition and cooking to restore and maintain health

Evidence-based approach to understand how food relate to personal health, behavior and health care goals.

The book is available for order now.

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